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Multimedia Performance unit

Water Brain is both the vision of and was founded by Fumio Tashiro a.k.a Bombsun in 2011. Water Brain is a shifting ensemble of musicians who prefer acoustic electronic layered experiments. They incorporate their talents by combining acoustic performance with audio loops and shifting tides of effects. It is the sound of the auditory hallucination that occurs while in a crowd under the sea. 


The layers that provide a foundation on which common ground is based exist on all levels of our society. The significance of these seams often goes unnoticed and is thus subjected to decay over time. The erosion of these layers whether heralded or not may spell the end of life on Earth as we know it. So before we can repair, reinforce, respect, or even rebuild the mantle that binds us together we must identify these layers. WATER BRAIN PROJECTS is a series of performances exploring the rebuilding of societal harmony with the natural world. Through methods of active deep listening in a given environment, the work incorporates the pulse and melody of the urban and natural worlds, building upon these despondent environs through sound, visuals, and movement to create a harmonious multimedia narrative.  

Drawing upon the philosophy behind these physical spaces, WATER BRAIN PROJECTS is an ever-evolving work addressing conceptions of human and societal communication with the natural world. Much like the changing ecosystem of the chinju no mori, WATER BRAIN PROJECTS incorporates seemingly despondent audio and visual elements to create flowing works that openly transform and evolve based on the surrounding environment, audience, and performers.

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