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WATER BRAIN is a collaborative project that combines music and visuals to explore the rebuilding of societal harmony with the natural world. The performances use active deep listening to incorporate the pulse and melody of both urban and natural environments, creating a multimedia narrative that builds upon despondent surroundings to create a harmonious experience. The project emphasizes the importance of the often unnoticed layers that form the foundation of our society and warns of the potential consequences of their erosion.


Fumio Tashiro, also known as "Bombsun," is a Japanese-born upright bass player and composer. He moved to the US in 1991 and quickly became a respected figure on the New York jazz scene. Known for his experimental improvisation skills, he has over 30 years of experience composing, touring, and performing music. Tashiro was acknowledged by his mentor, Milt Hinton, as his best pupil. In 2011, he founded Water Brain, an ensemble of musicians who specialize in acoustic/electronic layered experiments with Miho Morita's visual world.


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