Miho Morita is a multi-talented artist and freelance illustrator with substantial experience in the fields of advertising, packaging, jewelry design, and interior design. She attended Musashino Art University in Tokyo, where she majored in oil painting.

Miho works in a wide range of media, from brush and ink to create digital imagery on a tablet using Adobe and Corel software. She uses her skills to make pieces for digital manipulation.

Miho was awarded “The 1st MS Art Grand Prize” selected by Japanese well-known Artist Katsuhiko Hibino.
She also won Best Music Video at the New York International Film Festival in 2009 for the Art, Design, and Concept behind the Jeff “Tain” Watts music video for his song, "Return of the Jitney Man".
Miho currently resides and works in New York City, where she works as an Art Director and on her own work.