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Abstract Animation + Sound Design

We modern folk, living oppressed under harsh conditions.
Unknowingly brainwashed, involuntarily made test subjects.
Amidst the vertigo, fragments of memory squeeze out their last strength, flashing back.  I unconsciously scrawled scraps of poems.

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WATER BRAIN is a collaborative project that combines music and visuals to explore the rebuilding of societal harmony with the natural world. The performances use active deep listening to incorporate the pulse and melody of both urban and natural environments, creating a multimedia narrative that builds upon despondent surroundings to create a harmonious experience. The project emphasizes the importance of the often unnoticed layers that form the foundation of our society and warns of the potential consequences of their erosion.


Bombsun, birth name Tashiro Fumio, is a Japanese-born upright bassist and composer based in Brooklyn, New York. After immigrating to the United States in 1991, he quickly became a respected figure in New York's jazz scene.

Renowned for his experimental improvisational skills, Bombsun has over 30 years of experience composing, touring, and performing music. He was recognized as the leading disciple of his mentor, the great Milt Hinton. 

In 1998, through hosting experimental music sessions in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and using various effects pedals with his acoustic upright bass, Bombsun developed his own unique style.

In 2011, he founded the musical ensemble Water Brain, specializing in acoustic/electronic layered experiments utilizing visual worlds by artist Miho Morita.


Miho Morita is a talented and innovative artist skilled across a diverse range of mediums including oil painting, advertising, packaging, jewelry design, and interior design. Her keen eye for design and ability to think creatively make her an invaluable creative asset.

As an Art Director based in New York City, Miho brings exceptional artistic talent and attention to detail to every project. She has mastered design software that allows her to bring vivid artistic visions to life, from traditional brush and ink to digital formats. Miho continues to push boundaries through exploring new technologies like VFX, motion graphics, and video editing.

Her work has received accolades for its memorable visuals and experiences. Miho is truly an inspiration for anyone looking to break new ground in the creative industry.

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